Old Furniture

Old Furniture

Old furniture is furniture that is characterized by quality and luxury, durability and durability that make it last a lifetime, this is the heritage of Old Furniture, it marked this style furniture and decorations that they exist and were given a gorgeous shape. is made from high-quality raw materials, which lead to non-damaged, color fades with time, which makes you re-paint the new form becomes, even more, beautiful.
  • The former reception room furniture consists of four very comfortable and desk chairs to put them drinks or anything else, it is characterized b decoration and style and form fine old which gives the home of high-value, color This furniture fits with the color of the house wall and color floor house entirely, giving an interesting and exciting form.

  • Office, which consists of several stairs and shutters is one, made of solid marble and the forces who has been living for long periods, a decree to this office a rose is given an amazing shape, features a dark gray color that suits all styles of furniture home.

  • Large couch, which consists of two faces placed by many of the very comfortable pillows when you sit on them, this sofa is made of solid and very durable wood that bear any pressure on them, Featuring the couch decor, which gives a beautiful shape of the house, there is a large table size set out in the middle of the room , room has a lampshades and wax to light up the room nicely.

  • Pillows landlines are pillows that are placed on the ground to sit on, these pads provide you with convenience and comfort when you sit on them, made up of many of pillows made of cotton very comfortable and cloth, the color of the cushions commensurate with the color of the carpet, which gives an excellent shape, these pillows is one of the forms.

  • Made from raw materials such as wood, which is characterized by the beautiful decoration and style, is characterized by furniture in brown commensurate with the rest of the house Furniture, distributed lighting in this room from the room and the top down, giving the room a lovely shape.
  • The old saloon, which is characterized by quality inbuilt, this is a very comfortable lounge when you sit by providing you with convenience and comfort when you sit down it, this living room consists of a couch and several chairs and table located by the lampshades to the room lighting, color This furniture fits with the color of the carpet and the color of the entire room, this room represents the old style of the drawing room.
  • Old furniture, which is made up of the old office, which is placed on the TV, the office consists of Shutter to put everything you want it, ancient TV that consists of only two colors are black and white, is characterized by old furniture that can be painted and make it like modern furniture, which is characterized as beautiful.
  • The dining room, which consists of a table and four chairs only, this furniture is characterized by strongly endurance and shape of the spectrum, this table placed in the dining room to eat with your family or with your friends in a fun and comfortable, that does not use does not know the treasure value.



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