Unfinished Furniture

Unfinished Furniture

Unfinished furniture is a non-Furniture incomplete manufactured 100% meaning that only a structure, whether the structure of wood, glass or plastic or anything else, this furniture is characterized as makes you choose the appropriate form for you, and the color is right for you before he makes furniture, consists this furniture from bedroom furniture, bookcases, modular wall custom, dining room furniture, living room furniture and furniture Entertainment and seats, storage and office furniture and furniture for children and furniture entertainment and outdoor furniture, characterized Furniture rugged durability and shape simple, which commensurate with other home furnishings.

  1. There are many kinds of unfinished furniture such an office, which consists of several shutters to put all you want in the office, this office is characterized as very beautiful and after the completion of his making exactly become more attractive, fit this position with their furniture, which consists of living room furniture and furniture the bedroom and the rest of the other furniture.
  2. Travel made of wood, which bears the forces pressing strongly, this table is made up of four very comfortable chairs, considered this trip is unfinished furniture, they need paint color your favorite even shout with beautiful shape obtain impress a lot of people.
  3. Cupboard is located in the carpentry workshop in the place that is made in the closet, this cupboard is made of pure wood even be easy to move from one location to another, is made this cabinet of four shutters two at the top and two at the bottom, made this cupboard put everything you need in it is Beautiful.
  4. Unfinished furniture favored by a lot of people because they choose the right color to them, This furniture consists of a small table placed beside the bed to put the alarm clock or phone or lampshades to light up the room for the night Away Shi Other, nothing in this desk drawer to put in what you want.
  5. Table made of thin wood for easy to carry and transport to anywhere in the home, this table is the fixed period because he did not complete their manufacture 100%, they need paint, which gives it an excellent form.
  6. Chamber of Furniture component of others in the industry is the primary need for some jobs to become full-fledged room and trained in the top of magnificence, this room consists of a sofa bed and dressing table and TV, there is a chandelier at the upper part of the room to light up the entire room.
  7. The wonderful table that are placed in the reception room even make it interesting and beautiful form, this table is made of solid wood even bear the shock, use this table to put them drinks or fruit or anything else as you want. This should paint the color table the existing furniture in the house even fit all the unfinished furniture and wall of the house, giving the form of interesting and very beautiful.
  8. Made of wood forces even puts it computer, television or any substantial Xi weight Bureau, the Bureau of shutters consists drawer to put anything you want in it, this office is placed in the living room to put the TV it or can you use when studying the right way, is this Office as a lightweight that makes you move it anywhere as you like.






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