How to buy furniture?

Buying furniture is an important and difficult process that most of us go through, and many people get into trouble because they do not have experience in this matter, but we will tell you some information that you need to know before you buy:

1. Select the area of ​​the first location

And space controls the type and size of the furniture, meaning the small space with which classic or multi-functional furniture is not refreshed with it. Modern furniture is preferred because I have a sense of simplicity and roominess in my hand.

2. Set a budget for parts to be purchased.

To buy expensive pieces and get rid of the budget, and then you discover that you don’t have much needs. You can download it in the exhibitions or rotate it online so you know the average prices and make an initial budget that you can work on.

3. Ask when more than one before making a decision

And see many needs so that you do not need anything and regret it, if you have a better need, and you do not want to focus on the name that you buy from it, always focus on quality and price and ask also if there is a charge for the house limit so your brain will not be at ease in transportation without cost.

4. Ask about the materials used for luggage

Sleeping beds, children, niches, cupboards, tabletops, desks, and dining rooms are made of wood. The counter is made of wood, unlike beech, musky, and oak. And the best types in order from our point of view are (layered counter – good wood – patriotic – artistic) and if you mess up on the wood and you get a muffled sound this is proof that the wood is good.

5. Corner wood and sofas

Preferably be of the type of red beech, and the red beech in Egypt has types of it and the best is in the following order (Roman – AB – BC – costs) and it is preferable that the fish is not less than 4 cm.

6. The density of sponges in the corner and sofas

All that increases is all that increases the period during which the sponge can land, and you can know the sponge whose density is high when you press it with your fingers. It remains comfortable. And keep in mind that the pillows must be 100% fiber.

7. The course for inclusion

It has more than one diffuse type (one-stage – two-stage – soft close) the single-stage stairs are not available in full size, unlike the two stages. As for the soft-close, it is the uniform of the two phases, but it is possible with one touch that it closes, and it also comes in the other, and it closes slowly without what messes up and does not make a sound.

8. The thickness of the glass

It must be less than 8 mm, and for marble, each color is different from the other, but in general, the cheapest types are yellow, gray, and dotted red, and the best of them is green. The best type of marble is black or silver polka dots.

9. If you do need a commission

Look at a carpenter, you are confident in it, agree on every need first, and try to explain what you want in detail, so that there is no misunderstanding between the two dimensions. If you buy ready, I will walk on the steps that we have said, and you can read more in another place. And if he feels that the subject is not difficult for you, you can take a carpenter with you and it will be more important, but he must have confidence because he can be seized with the owner of the exhibition and take a commission.

10. Finally, buy the basic needs for your apartment,

No need, you will not use them, make you busy, and feel uncomfortable. And keep in mind, and you buy if this is something that you will not buy every day, meaning you have to answer something you live with.