The most important advice when buying office furniture

Furniture reflects any personal place and the nature of its place, so you must choose office furniture with great care because it will be a complementary picture of your destination, whether it is a house, company or any other institution, for example when choosing office furniture for a company or institution must observe many conditions that will help in the form of It is great to show the image of the appropriate place, and each institution should be distinguished by the shape and design of its distinctive and special office furniture expressing its goals, the nature of its work and its image. It is best to agree with the office furniture companies so that it is easy for you to choose the appropriate furniture for your office.

Choosing the right furniture for the right purpose 

When purchasing office furniture, you must choose furniture appropriate to the nature of the company’s work, and the uses of its employees, so that it is easy to use for them.

Choosing furniture that fits the space 

The choice of office furniture should be commensurate with the size and area of ​​its place, where coordination between the sizes of the furniture and its color and the size of the place and its colors, is one of the elements of attracting the customer towards this place and this choice is easy when agreeing with one of the office furniture companies in order to help you in choosing the appropriate furniture.

Quality furniture

The quality of the furniture is very important, as it is important to choose quality furniture so that you do not have to replace it with another after a short period.

Fits furniture with a business idea

Choosing suitable furniture with the idea of ​​work will be attractive and successful things, for example when preparing a wedding and occasions company, you must choose colorful and modern furniture that is similar to furniture for party halls, so be sure to communicate your business idea with one of the professional office furniture companies so that you can help you in preparing your office.

Consistency of size and weight of furniture and space

The area of ​​each place differs from the other in bearing the weight of the furniture. For example, the high places are suitable for lightweights of furniture, unlike the places where the large and heavyweights of furniture are suitable for them.

Choosing comfortable furniture for workers

It is very important to think about the departure of workers when purchasing office furniture, as the furniture should be comfortable to use and not cause any fatigue or physical problems to the workers at the place.

Designing office decorations is one of the key principles that every company creates today to enhance their work efficiency as well as create a relaxed and stress-free environment for their employees. Just as important is the design of home interior decoration, observing ergonomic principles as well as creating a pristine and creative space appropriate to the job and profession with which any company or body deals is one of the most important factors in designing office decoration.

Types of office decoration design

Office decoration design consists of two categories: open office design and closed decoration design:

Closed office decoration design is an old way of decorating the interior of work offices to make more use of walls or office partitions to separate any part.

Open-plan office decoration is a new and modern way of incorporating fewer walls and creating an open and expansive workspace that is popular today. One of the benefits of this modern office decoration design is   to give employees easier access to each other and even more managerial control over employees and to create a more friendly and intimate atmosphere.

Lighting in office decoration design

Lighting in office and public environments is very different from residential. As mentioned earlier, elegance and creativity in office decoration design have a significant impact on increasing the motivation and productivity of managers and other companies, with lighting also being one of the most important factors in executing office decoration design which continues to some Here are some important points.

If the lighting is done correctly in the design of the office decoration, the workspace will be comfortable for the employees. Good, high-quality work environments increase employee productivity and efficiency while lowering low and low energy levels, reducing eye fatigue and headaches. This results in lower efficiency.
If your office does not have access to natural light, lighting needs to be of particular importance in the design of office decoration and the use of artificial light.

In general, lighting in office decoration is divided into four categories:

General lighting that illuminates all space.

Lighting is the emphasis that illuminates a particular device or part of a person’s attention.

A task lighting that only illuminates parts and levels of work.

Decorative lighting used in different parts to make the environment more beautiful.

Keep in mind that lighting in large buildings must be smart so that all office spaces have the same light. Priority is for lighting in large buildings with the center of the building away from the windows to minimize the amount of light in this area relative to the windows.

The next thing to consider in-office decoration lighting is to install the lights so that the light does not directly affect the eyes of the staff.

Exterior lighting for companies and organizations can actually bring the advertising and display aspect of that place to the public. For example, high-rise buildings or companies located on the main street can illuminate the lower part of the building so that the public can easily absorb the lighting.

The advantages of lighting in office decoration can be to magnify or minimize the appearance of the environment by light, as well as to shorten and magnify an object or place are other important features of lighting.

The role of office furniture in the design of office decoration

Office furniture is one of the most important parts of office decoration that not only plays a vital role in the beauty and appearance of the workplace but also plays an important role in providing physical health. Office furniture includes various products including office chair, office chair, conference chair, office desk, office desk, office sofa, secretary desk, partition, shelf and library and so on. Create a lot of people’s health during work.

Office furniture comes in two types of classic and modern that are tailored to suit the type of occupation and occupation of the individual as well as their taste. Classic furniture is mostly preferred by older people, and modern furniture is mostly welcomed by young people.

The choice of office furniture color is very important. If you are a part of an organization that needs to use a particular organizational color, you must also adhere to this color when choosing and ordering office furniture. Otherwise, depending on your interests and style of work you can use the appropriate color scheme and environment. Make it attractive to employees as well as customers.

The point to keep in mind is choosing office furniture to suit the size and space available to you! For example, if you do not have a small office environment with large office furniture or full-service office furniture, try choosing a softer, smaller and used furniture for your company.

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Adhering to ergonomic principles in office decoration

As we know today, due to the many occupations and financial worries that people have throughout their lives, they spend many hours of the day in their work environment which over time can cause physical injuries such as back pain, knee pain. Pain, lumbar disc, neck pain and more. As you know, office furniture is an important part of office decoration. So it is best to choose an office chair with an ergonomic type of chair for your comfort and convenience.

The use of ergonomic chairs in office decoration is one of the options that can be used to reduce and prevent these kinds of pains throughout the day and for years to maintain one’s physical and physical health. Ergonomics will not only end with office chairs but will also include other office furniture such as a desk, conference desk, secretary desk, office sofa and so on.

Color in the interior design of the office decoration

Most companies or organizations usually use bright colors such as bone or white to choose the right color for their office, and when asking them why they choose it, the first thing they notice is the sense of calm and The cleanliness they get from these colors speaks for itself!

Have you ever considered the role of color in the design of office decoration? I must say that the color of office decoration is one of the factors that will enhance the efficiency of your employees. A good color combination can affect your entire workspace. If you are not in the position to change your office furniture, you can change the color of your office by choosing a good color for walls, doors, windows, and interior decoration. This is the first step.

One of the things that should be taken into consideration in the design of office decoration is the organizational color of that office or body. Does this mean that we need to make sure, before planning for office decoration design, that this environment is part of a particular office or military organization and that it has a specific organizational color scheme? If the answer is in the affirmative, one should start by designing the interior decoration according to the organizational color of the organ and the job and popular conditions.

You can use a variety of building colors to create a stylish and modern atmosphere that you can click on for more information.

In this section of the article, we will point out some colors suitable for use in the design of interior decoration of office environments.

Blue and Green: Not necessarily a soothing white; blue and green as well as oceanic (or blue) not only create a relaxing atmosphere but also create an open and creative mind for people who are creating something and Need new ideas, very appropriate. These colors also create a sense of confidence and increase productivity in the workplace.

Red: Every person has a different feeling when they hear the name red. Some people feel stress and anxiety, but others feel energy, creativity. According to research, if you are of the second category and your business is dealing with more detail and energy, we recommend that you use red in your office decoration design to maximize its beneficial effects.

Yellow: While yellow is considered to be benign, its overuse in the design of office decoration will cause confusion and distract people. Be careful not to use yellow in the conference room area!

Gray: Gray is a neutral color but it will create a dull and cool atmosphere and will definitely get a sense of activity from other people and employees, resulting in minimal productivity. So it is best if you are a fan of gray, and make a small part of the environment gray and blend it with colors like yellow or red to bring out the environment of death and depression.

Influence of plants on the design of office decoration

One of the low-cost and effective ways to create a vibrant and refreshing atmosphere in the workplace or in organizations is to use plants that not only inject energy and freshness into the environment but also air conditioning and creating cleaner air. The office environment. The use of natural flowers and herbs can induce a fresh and happy feeling for employees, managers and even those who travel there daily.

The use of plants in office decoration in addition to creating a good atmosphere results in high productivity of staff. Also, the use of plants in office decoration induces better air conditioning. Absorb in the air, releasing moisture, lowering ambient temperatures, making the environment more pleasant for staff. Using herbs in office decoration design can make your workspace dynamic and vibrant.

Other effects of plants on office decoration design include reducing noise in office environments; research has shown that they reduce noise by 5 dB in workplaces, and the more plants have broad leaves, the greater the impact on noise reduction. will be.