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The lounge and salon rooms provide the first impression on you and the rest of the whole house for any guest, and this is because they are the first destination that clarifies your taste. To make the right impression on you, Propertyfinder introduces you to the latest decorating ideas for reception rooms, according to each type of decor, the shape of the luggage, and its distribution.

You can learn about the rest of the ideas of home decoration 2019 for the rest of the rooms from here: kitchens and bathrooms – bedrooms and living

Salon Decorations:

Salon room colors

  • Classic décor: tempt the colors of the classic salon for beige or pastel gray.
  • Modern decoration: New Year’s colors are a mixture of rose, gray or gray colors with pastel milky.

Salon room lighting

  • Classic decor: yearly lighting has more than one choice, for example, it can be lampshaded above the tables, or related chandeliers, or appliques in caution, or long lamp shades alongside the salon sofa.
  • Modern decoration: the sweetest need of the year are long shutters and long lamps from the ceiling.

Salon rooms

  • Classic décor: the luggage shall be luxurious, white or rose pastel, with a golden or silver ornament on the sides, and a table in the text with the same color of the luggage.
  • Modern decoration: it is small in size, all beige in color, or a mixture of white and turquoise, with a table in the text, and a second long table in the side, so that books or a rose vase are surrounded on it.

Ceiling decorations and salon floors

  • Classic décor: the ceiling is white or plain beige, with gypsum side decoration, and the floors are white or parquet ceramic.
  • Modern decoration: the ceiling is in plain white, no-frills and floors are ceramic, or parquet is bold.
  • Dining room decor.

Dining room colors

  • Classic decoration: the pastel petroleum color is predominant over the classic decorations of the dining rooms. It also contains more than one color mix with some pastel dress with gray and beige with black.
  • Modern decoration: some new colors are fashionable with gray and beige, black with beige, and blue with gray.

Dining room lighting

  • Classic décor: Fashionable year-to-day lighting is the long chandelier that extends to the dining boundary, or extends the length of the trip.
  • Modern decoration: one of the new ideas is to add one or more lights directly above the dining table, often in the form of a black lamp.

Dining rooms

  • Classic décor: The new trend is the use of dining units in polygonal geometric shapes with the addition of new designs and different forms of dining legs that add elegant touches to the room.
  • Modern decoration: 2019’s fashion is to choose different shapes from the familiar ones, so that the back of the triangle is back with chairs spread over the sides of this triangle, and the size of the dining table is small.

Dinning ceilings and floors

  • Classic décor: white ceiling, marble patterned ceramic floors, or other motifs that resemble wall patterns and colors.
  • Modern decoration: the ceiling is simple in the same color as the wall, or white, and the floors are parquet in dark and light colors.

Your home is a reflection of your taste, and everyone in us will want his home always in fashion and beautiful shape, so we will show you through 4 interrelated articles, the latest designs used by the most famous decorators year in these different rooms in the house and every room that is supposed to have any according to the general decoration of the house (Modern/classic).

Now we will talk specifically about the decorations of bedrooms and living rooms, if you want to know more about the rest of the house decorations, follow: “The latest decorations for kitchens and bathrooms 2019” on Propertyfinder.

Bedroom decorations 2020

The décor in the bedrooms differs from the rest of the house in that it is necessary to provide all amenities and recuperation, as the lighting is quiet and the mattresses are comfortable and arranged in a good way and in harmony with each other.

Bedroom colors

  • Classic décor: Bedroom colors tend to be white in classic décor for an elegant yet simple color, or soft pastel colors like beige, and the lighting is simple with subtle color.
  • Modern decoration: the fashion colors in the modern decoration are blue, brown in its degrees, and gray, and there is a new trend in combining two colors in one room, such as blue and beige.

Lighting the bedrooms

The lighting units play an important role in clarifying the shape and elegance of the room. And because of this, the lighting in the classic décor depends on the presence of more than one indirect element in the yard that is easy to control.

  • Classic décor: Fashionable year of the year D in classic décor is the combination of chandeliers in the text of the ceiling with plaster decoration and sidelights or applique related to the bedside.
  • Modern décor: Fashion in modern décor are “hemispherical lamps” from the ceiling and their colors are dark depending on the color tones of the room, or lampshades in white beside the bed.

Bedrooms are furnished

  • Classic décor: As for bed linens in the classic décor, they are large in size, decorated with golden wood shapes at the beginning and end, and their brushes are quiet colors such as white, light gray, and beige, attached to the backdrop, behind the bed a huge stair of brown steps, and in which there is a commode on both sides. Hedged and saw long slim mirrors.
  • Modern decoration: the beds in the modern rooms are smaller in size, made of wood. The brushes are simple in brown, gray or white.
  • As for panels and mirrors, the fashion in 2019 is sun mirrors that hang on the backside behind the bed or the huge artistic panels, and the bedside is a large long mirror.

Gypsum floors and decorations Bedrooms:

All the elements that we explained above determine the shape of the bedroom’s ceiling decorations.

  • Classic décor: The yearly fashion for classic décor is that the ceiling is white in color and has a chandelier in the text that adorns it or is decorated with geometric shapes of gypsum, or it may be from a wide wood plank protruding along with the ceiling.
  • As for the floors, they shall be made of parquet or ceramic in a light brown color.
  • Modern decoration: the ceiling is simple in white or light gray, and some of it is decorated on the side with geometric forms of gypsum.
  • As for the floors, they are made of ceramics with fine marble carvings, or they are made of plain white color.

Living room decorations 2019

The living room is one of the first rooms that guests will see, and because we spend most of our time at home, we must take care that the decoration of its colors and shapes are consistent, and we must look at the new in its decorations and try to change it every time in order to avoid boredom.

Living room colors

  • Classic décor: The fashionable colors in the classic décor are uniformly white or a mixture of white and pastel yellow, with one precaution in which large and long windows enter a lot of light and provide a beautiful view of the room.
  • Modern decoration: pastel gray is prevalent in 2019, and it is possible to draw more artistic drawing on one piece but to attract attention.

The lighting of living rooms

  • Classic décor: small “spot” highlights on the ceiling or small appliques on the sidewall.
  • Modern decoration: Illuminations in the form of “pendant lamps” from the ceiling or side lamp.

Living rooms

  • Classic décor:  characterized by a large size bomber, uniform color, made of leather or fabric mixed with wood. The fashion colors in the classic décor continue in bold brown.
  • Modern decoration: Fashion is the incorporation of more than one color in the brushes, and this is evident by using a distinctive piece on its own in a bright color that strikes the eye like the yellow recovered with the rest of the pieces in white color or by using a woodcut pattern with a plain cut.

Floors and decorations ceilings living rooms

  • Classic décor: the ceiling will be uniform white with classic chandeliers in the center of the ceiling, and the floors that you can fit on will have parquet or ceramic floors in light shades.
  • Modern decoration: Fashion is a uniform white color on the ceiling with the incorporation of geometric shapes of gypsum in the center of the ceiling. As for the fashion on the floors, they use ceramics with marble and parquet patterns.