one of the secrets that eliminates the boredom of marital life, and sends a new atmosphere in the home, and gets rid of negative energy, is to make some changes in the home decorations, no matter how simple, but to be concrete and visible, and create an atmosphere of joy in the place.
And the interior designer Yasmine Mahmoud confirms that there are many ideas through which the decorations of the house can be renewed, without any exorbitant costs.
The color of the rooms can be renewed by choosing a pleasant color, and you can buy one gallon of paint enough for 350 square feet, and you will only have to wash the walls, and then paint them with the new color, so you can do this yourself with your husband, as you renew the color of your house yourself, as it will move the stagnant water in life, too Besides, you enjoy a new look of the rooms.
Look for a neglected piece of old furniture, whether you have it, or a member of your family or even you can buy it from the shops selling old furniture, you can renovate it with paint, or by using the art of “decoupage”, and put it in a special place with a small masterpiece or a small carpet, or a chair.
You can redistribute the existing lighting, by placing it on a new corner in your home, to create a romantic atmosphere with your husband, or to spend your evening parties in front of the TV.
If you have an old sofa, you can replenish its outer cover, renew the cover of the mantle and put it on the sofa, you will feel that you bought it again.
Flowers and plants, in general, give a kind of life to the house, so you can put some inexpensive small vases of flowers and plants for different colors, which you can buy from the nearest nursery, then it will be cheap.
You can renovate the curtains by purchasing a large, colorful or printed piece of cloth, for example, in the kitchen windows or the living room.
There are small and inexpensive carpet rugs for all carpet sellers, and they are the cheerful and distinctive color that you can take advantage of by placing them on one of the main roads of the house or in the children’s room.
Playing with small, inexpensive artifacts can create a beautifully romantic atmosphere. You can buy some small colored candles, birds, and animals shaped porcelain, and decorate the different corners of the house.

I believe that elegant homes cost their owners huge amounts of money that made them look beautiful compared to other less elegant homes, while reality proves otherwise, as there are several ideas that make home designs look elegant, and at the same time they do not cost their owners large sums.
For a person, the home is his own world, especially for women, as she always strives in all ways for her house to look more elegant, but it falls into the trap of exorbitant costs.
In order to reach home furnishing at the lowest cost, we must consult the decorators to plan the right look for the home.
The engineer who specializes in the interior design of homes, Ahmed Al-Dali, presented, during his talk to Makkah, several tips that should be considered, before purchasing furniture and coordinating the house, at the lowest costs.
Al-Dali indicated that it is necessary to look at the house in a practical way and consider it as a commercial project that must be established before starting it a detailed business plan and study, as it is not possible to succeed a specific business project without prior study, and that study is, of course, the task of the decorator, stressing that the person has a stylish home suitable for his taste, Because the design will let him give free rein to his ideas in choosing all the items of his house before its implementation, and the interior designer will translate those ideas into designs and tangible reality.

Ideas for the lowest costs

  • Creating pictures that simulate reality, before starting the implementation of the house, an explanation of the house is explained with all its details from the inside, and therefore the nature of the decoration can be determined in terms of colors and floors, the quality of the furniture and its colors, and all known interior details, and also the implementation of the executive plans for those designs.
  • Avoid making a lot of adjustments after completing the implementation, as this leads to spending very huge budgets without the conviction of the person.
  • Saving effort and time, and that is by walking on clear designs, study, and an organized plan that is limited by time, which reduces the randomness that leads to the loss of a lot of money, and it is recognized that the greater the implementation time, the greater the losses and the greater effort.
  • Setting a deliberate, non-scalable budget for all home items by a dedicated interior designer, will take you from the first moment fully aware of the costs of the home, and the successful designer will choose and adjust the design and study until he reaches the budget that is compatible with the capabilities when implementing.
  • Choosing practical materials that remain for a longer period, for example choosing ceramics in the floors instead of parquet, and choosing wallpaper for only one wall and the rest of the wall with paint that adds depth and warmth to the place, in addition to using hidden wall lights “Spot Light” instead of mobile and long lights are very expensive And the use of aluminum blinds instead of wooden blinds. For a variety of decorative designs, use “gypsum board” instead of HD wall panels, they are more expensive.