he uses and uses of standard school equipment is an effective and effective way of enhancing students’ skills and maintaining their health. Upgrade to the highest standard of safety using the best equipment.

School equipment

Studying at different levels requires the use of basic equipment for the convenience and focus of the student. These standard equipment used in the classroom include a variety of things including boards, desks and chairs, benches and even air conditioning and lighting, each of which can have a dual impact on individual learning. And the lack of proper equipment will create irreparable deficiencies on both the physical and mental levels.

The standard construction is done by purchasing school equipment online in accordance with the standards developed by the National Iranian Institute of Industrial Research. Therefore, paying attention to the practical and very important points in making and using the equipment is one of the essential and special requirements in the safety of schools and the education system. In this article, we will introduce the school equipment, standard benchmarks in construction, and basic tips on how to set it up correctly.

Importance of using standard school equipment

Every person spends half his life in classrooms, including elementary school, middle school, high school, and university. Therefore, the selection and use of standard school equipment is a crucial element in the health of students, the formation of skeletal structure and the enhancement of their learning efficiency. Adhering to the standards required in building school equipment and tailoring it to the physiology of the student body will eliminate structural weaknesses including student mobility, physical structure, and low levels of learning.

Most of the time students are sitting in the classroom or bending over to see the board or writing, so it can be said that adhering to the most important benchmarks in desk and bench construction enhances student comfort, the correct shape. Sitting, interested in learning more and lacking in his physical and mental qualities. Making school equipment standard and tailored to the physical characteristics of Iranian students, including the positive points in education and applied industries.

Impact of non-standard school equipment on student health

Why do long-term non-standard school equipment affect student health and fitness?

The answer to this important and practical question can be stated in the use of non-standard school equipment. Inappropriate student body desks and chairs, which are short, small, and unhealthy, can affect how he or she sits in the long run, bending the bench, and inactivity and inactivity in the equipment can profoundly affect the capacity of the six. It can reduce lung volume, reduce blood supply, impaired circulation, and so on.

These injuries are twofold due to the physical condition of a student at an early age and can cause chronic illnesses such as muscle weakness, skeletal deformity, and deformity, inability to exercise, always being tired, Lethargy and consequently reduced student learning and lack of interest in the lesson. Using standard school equipment will be a simple and practical solution to ensuring student health and enhancing their learning.

What is the most important school equipment?

School equipment includes items that provide the health, well-being, and comfort of students while studying and sitting in the classroom; the most important of which are:

School benches

The student spends most of his time in the classroom and working. The most commonly used school equipment for sitting can be a desk and chair, a bench, a single chair, a double desk, and a desk.

Educational equipment

Teaching equipment for better student learning includes a blackboard, whiteboard, lab tools, a video projector and more.

Welfare equipment

Providing comfort for students in air conditioning, heating, and cooling systems, etc..

School Safety Equipment

School-controlled safety equipment, such as a fire extinguisher, first aid kits, and the like.

Standard indicators for selecting school equipment

Among the standard indicators of school, the equipment can be factors such as length, width and height of the desk and bench, comfort, strength, advanced technology in non-transfer of pollution, portability and no damage to the student.

The standard dimensions of the desk and chair vary in different levels of education and are designed and built for four primary, secondary, high school, and university departments. The most appropriate accessories should be selected according to the student’s age, height, and weight.

Standard school desks and benches

  • The base of the table should be of sufficient strength and durability.
  • Width or bench seat should cover two-thirds of the student’s thighs.
  • The material of the school equipment should not be heat transfer, not scratched and color suitable for the eye.
  • The table surface is made of original or synthetic wood, so as to make it comfortable and not harmful to the student.
  • Couch length is effective for increasing student performance. The allowable bench length for each student is 5 cm.
  • The tables in the laboratory should have an anti-acid coating and be highly resistant to impact, chemicals and so on.
  • The chair should be comfortable, the seat should be positioned at the waist, and the seat may be adjusted according to the student’s weight.
  • The boards are made of standard raw materials and the coloring used is constant and does not cause the plaster to spill or not to be written by the magician.
  • The desk surface should have a gradient of 0-7 degrees to facilitate ease of writing and prevent excessive student bending and neck vulnerability.
  • The use of clasped desks and benches is not standard and hygienic because it limits the student’s ability to move, stand up and comfort.
  • The height of the bench should be in accordance with the height of the student and his foot must be tangent to the ground. Hanging a leg or bending the knee can affect skeletal and bone formation.

Why pay attention to standard school desks and benches?

Attention to the standardization of desks and benches and optimization with regard to the physical structure and comfort of the student reduces the risks of physical handicaps and causes the student to spend less time in the classroom with interest.

The use of standard school equipment is very effective and causes problems such as deafening or diminishing physical, mental and visual abilities for many years to come. Suitable features for standard school equipment that provides student health and comfort are:

  • The student is able to get up and feel comfortable.
  • Bookcase storage and storage facilities are easy to handle.
  • The color of the desk should be able to reflect light so that the student’s eye does not become tired and weak.

Best-in-class table and chair layout

The proper alignment of the equipment and the chair should be in accordance with the principles of psychology and in order to improve the learning process.

Highlights on the correct arrangement of school equipment:

  • The maximum standard of student distance is 4m.
  • The student desk should be 1.5 meters away from the teacher’s desk.
  • The board should be mounted in a place where the light from the left is reflected.
  • A circular table and chair layout will increase students’ intimacy and mastery.
  • Benches have standard spacing so that each person can stand up, sit down and protect their privacy. The most appropriate type of school equipment is the individual table and chair.

Features Safe Schools

Important safety tips are especially important when using school equipment and minimizing damage.

  • Equipment should not be cumbersome.
  • Room air conditioning is done 2 times a day.
  • Do not overload the classroom and bench capacity.
  • Do not place desks and chairs on the emergency escape route.
  • Do not place wooden appliances in the vicinity of heating appliances.
  • Do not use a ceiling fan or oil heater in the classroom.
  • The most suitable heating system for classrooms is the central heating system of the neck with the ability to pass hot water through the pipes.

Motivate students

Improving students’ health and enhancing learning by using high-quality school equipment and preventing potential harm to adults. Using standard equipment for schools is a simple and feasible solution to reduce potential risks. Ensure student health by providing standard school equipment. Purchasing standard school equipment is a simple way to avoid the complex mental and physical problems of future students.