How to decorate a room and house for 2020

The dressing is an ancient flag, and even in imperial palaces, the decoration of the building was not accidental. They thought carefully about it and created certain methods. The need to surround yourself with beautiful things has arrived nowadays. But if the decor in everyday life can be cautious, then the New Year 2020 must meet the requirements of a magical holiday. The inner symbol is directly affected by the symbol of next year – the white metallic rat.

What color scheme for home decoration

The 2020 meeting must be held between motifs of silver, white, ash and other similar shades. Everything related to snow, silver luster – it will be useful. Of course, the New Year’s decor may vary in the availability of different colors, but for the base, you have to choose a white base. It is thanks to her help that an ineffable feeling of purity and capacity is created. The room will receive an additional sound if completed in soft blue, purple or other shades. Turquoise or blue sea will add Galilee.

Waiting for the New Year 2020 is eagerly awaited and excited, and we expect miracles. To celebrate the holiday in the beautiful interior, you need to choose and decorate the Christmas tree, cover the table with a sheet, characters of the year’s mistress – mice everywhere. For those who think in particular, Feng Shui is useful, with a detailed indication of where and what to place.

The main colors for decorating the interior decoration of the New Year are all shades of gray, white, etc., which correspond to the brilliance of the metal.

Decorate the Christmas tree for the new year 2020

A symbol of eternal life, the main Russian beauty of the jungle is the central character of a fabulous celebration. Therefore, her ornament should be thought out in detail. The main goal is to create a unique image striking imagination. It does not matter that the top of the tree is located on the ceiling, the house will be enriched with grace without it. The tree looks great, so compact that it can be placed in the center of the table. The brighter the Christmas tree design, the more fun the room will be. Remember the colors of the year, you can buy an artificial Christmas tree made of white or silver plastic. The beauty of the New Year, not green, speaks of the owner’s creative nature.

The beauty of snow-white is in perfect harmony with ornaments of attractive colors or silver toys.

It is important to observe the rule: there are no more than three colors in one room, otherwise the extra space will be loaded.

For those who don’t like plastic Christmas trees, preferring the fragrant spruce from the woods, you can use the trick. On the green branches, directly from the spray can spray silver or white paint. Depending on the type of coloring material, it is necessary to allow the spray to dry well.

It is recommended to paint the tree one day before the suspension of play. Among Christmas tree decorations, there may be different sized snowflakes made of white paper. Essential for the new year 2020, let the mouse or mouse character appear on the branches.

Home decoration

The décor will benefit from the lack of bright background and multicolored textiles in the room. The design should stick with light and white colors, but not everyone is ready to remake everything for the new year. It suffices to switch to additional elements, avoiding radical changes. Everyone is able to decorate the house with white candles, tapes, snow, and other things. It’s easy to do all the music tracks with your hands. Styrofoam is suitable as a comfortable material; it is light and practical.


The house with high ceilings is a godsend for decoration, you can do any miracles with it. Therefore, a simple room can be turned into a glacier forest. The longest known method of decoration is rain mixed with a piece of cotton wool. These bishop wreaths were decorated in the Soviet era, and their importance has not been lost to this day. Amazingly for the new year 2020, it will look like rain is hanging from above and swaying at the slightest breeze. Of course, this option is not suitable for rooms with suspended ceilings. Otherwise, the delicate film will be damaged in the structure, and it will be damaged forever. The nice way to bring in beauty will be helium-filled colored balls, to which my serpents are attached. The chandelier can also be said to work on. For decoration, fir branches, toys or snow snowflakes are suitable.


The eyes of the room are window openings, so they cannot be ignored. All passers-by will see the original jewelry charged with a burning mood. Snowflakes paper pieces of regular napkins or sheets of paper are still an eternal classic. In recent years, with an abundance of LED wreaths, it has become common to decorate windows with them. The result is a series of visible lights for all passers-by.

The different games are interestingly placed between the frames. On the glass, you can draw beautiful patterns using a special chalk mark, and use graceful tinsel or rain.

The walls

In rooms of a small area that does not allow the placing of a giant Christmas tree, it must be transformed by wall decorations. And you can decorate the walls in the house in a very unusual way. Traditionally use New Year stickers, twigs with Christmas toys and other cute qualities. Lovely Christmas wreaths too, let them find a place. Photo collages, flower arrangements, and other cool ideas will give the interior a special charm.

New year table decoration

The perfect holiday begins with quality planning, as New Year’s table setting occupies key positions. Creating a festive atmosphere will create elegant textiles, alcohol-decorated bottles, cool glasses, candlesticks, and non-standard rat numbers.

Fir branches, silver with paint, will make wreaths.

Decorating the room in Feng Shui

It has long been known that interior design carries many meanings, and properly placed furniture and decor can affect life and function. When decorating a rat-style house, it is important to switch to teaching the Chinese language. Christmas tree, mistress of the evening, should be on the southeast side of the room. Therefore it is possible to attract financial harmony and luxury. But everything will work out if you don’t care about the tree because dried forest dwellers carry negative energy. The Chinese do not recognize the artificial alternatives to living creatures at all and put the evergreen “young ladies” a priority. When choosing jewelry, you should not forget the shiny balls of gold or silver, it is useful to hang the coins. All desires can embody different characters, and also allow them to hang the Christmas tree. The house has a central sector, responsible for health, in it – a winter bouquet or fir tree formation.