Modern Kitchens

Most Beautiful Modern Kitchens

The kitchen is the place where women are present for a large number of hours per day, and this place, in particular, must be based on modern home decorations and suits the taste of women, as well as the kitchen also includes many places to put more Purposes and organize them smoothly and easily.

Modern kitchens

A group of modern, modern designs that suit the modern decoration of homes, and this group is the latest collection launched for the year 2020, and the group includes many distinct colors, among them green, orange, and many other colors, with this in mind different Spaces.

Most beautiful modern kitchens

Modern kitchen colors¬†with a unique color, in a very special way, when a lot is known as the lovable color, and he has a lot of appetite for choosing kitchen colors from the bride to make the bride’s kitchen.

Between the purple color, violet color, aubergine color, adjacent or close colors of her bike, to make kitchens glittering with the color she loves to marry, to make the colors in the apartment or house have a flourishing and joyful and amazing life.

Between the love of colors, the red color in gray, it is a composition that has a special taste for fans of hot colors, and it is also installed with red and sulfur colors, and also with black, but many tend to install the latest colors with the brighter black color because it radiates between the most beautiful open kitchens and American kitchens, and also like the types of kitchens Lapping and small kitchens.

Black balloon kitchen with lemon and modern in the kitchens, merging some of the overlapping colors in one kitchen and this comes with luxurious colors and draws its colors to attract attention to achieve joy, and the colors affect the psychological comfort and happiness inside the kitchen and psychological comfort linked to the colors.

Kitchens decorations 2020

  • The kitchen will be designed according to the available space. If the space is spacious, then the desired decor ideas are applied, including providing some cupboards with a glass shelf to display the crystal mugs and other kitchen accessories.
  • The shelf is fixed to the same level and may extend along the wall. It is common for the lower shelf to rise to 90 cm, leaving 65 cm between the surface of the sink and the upper shelf above 70 cm or more, and it does not mind if the height reaches the ceiling if the latter is decorated with a specific decoration.

Colors of kitchens 2020

  • A specific color is used for kitchen cabinets, such as black, with tiles on the surface of the sink basin and the wall behind it marked in an opposite color, such as beige, gray, or white.
  • It is necessary to coordinate the color of the floor with the surface tiles of the evacuation basin, in a way that the cabinets are dark in color, the floor and the evacuation basin and the walls of the kitchen are light in color, and vice versa.
  • If the shelf is light in color, the choice of knobs is free from any dark decorations and accessories (black or silver), while avoiding the use of gold for this purpose, because the kitchen handles require continuous cleaning.

best lighting for kitchens 2020

  • Lighting has an important role in cooking, and in this framework, units are used if the ceiling is made of gypsum, as well as the modern candlesticks hanging from the ceiling above the bar.
  • It is easy to use hidden lighting above the high shelf to be reflected on the ceiling, which gives an appeal to the kitchen.


  • If the area of the kitchen is spacious, it is possible to enter an impregnated bar with the elements of this space, especially the evacuation basin, provided that the impregnation is provided on the one hand with three or four chairs, and with a packaging box on the other hand.
  • If the family is a large individual, then a session with a sofa attached to the wall is angled in a corner, provided by a table and a set of chairs. It is advisable to choose fabrics that are easy to clean, such as leather.
  • Power tools are combined with safes.