Is Halloween just a stupid American import into our soul traditions? So let! Let’s face it, pumpkin chiseling and costume designing are quite fun, and at least there’s a reason not to fall through the autumn melancholy. We have great ideas for decoration that you can make with your kids.

When the foggy autumn begins to spread beyond the windows, entertain your kids and start making Halloween decorations to decorate your home for a few days. You will last a week between ghosts and spiders and children will be happy.

1) Spooky wreath

First of all, take the beautiful autumn wreath of bright colors out of the door. His time is yet to come, but now is the time of ghosts and ghosts. Make a wreath of dark wicker or buy a brown and color black. Paper spiders with glowing eyes will drop on white strings. Glue the space in the middle of the circle with the paper on which you paint the spooky red-eye.

2) Someone is watching you, neighbors!

Do you want to annoy your neighbors? Ghosts will watch them from your windows! Cut them out of paper and stick them on the windows facing the street or neighbors. Determine the level of spooky yourself: from the playful colors of the creatures to the ghostly realistic demons. For families with young children, we recommend the first!

3) Feet in the basket

You will need a wicker basket full of apples, two long black stockings, old black lace-up shoes, and a cushion pad. First, make two legs. Fill the stockings with pillows so that they do not shine, and put your feet in black, old lace-up shoes. If you also want knees, reinforce the legs with solid wire and bend them a little at the knees. Put both limbs in a large basket with apples, so that they burden and fall. Place the basket in this way in front of the door. Are you hiding a corpse or a witch flying into the basket?

4) Flying hats

Black witch hats are flying through the air in your living room or on the terrace! How to do it? You need the appropriate amount of witch hats to buy in costume or decoration stores and a transparent line. Then you bring the line to the tip of the hat and hang it at intervals as you like.

Halloween can be fun for the whole family. Photo:

Are you left with white or acrylic paint? Well done, you make flying ghosts. All you need is a few old cans, white wrapping paper, glue, fishing line or wire, the aforementioned color, a thick black marker and we are ready to go. Rather, prepare a good dose of old newspapers to work on. For starters, paint the cans white, even more layers and let the paint dry. After drying, draw a fearsome face (head up) with a black marker and make a hole on the bottom of the line or string on which they will fly. The ghosts will be up all day! Cut white paper into long strips that stick inside the hole around the perimeter – they will blow in the wind like shreds of ghost bodies. Then hang everything on the trees in the garden and the ghost of ghosts can begin!

6) Serrated doors

Turn your door into the ghost of a ghost! If they are all white, make scary eyes and giant mouths out of black paper and stick them on the door to resemble the face. If your door is dark, you can do the same, but inverse!

7) Candles from the grave

Light up special candles when Halloween comes! You will need really strong candles, but today you normally buy them. Because the wax usually holds poorly on the wax, we make it easier to work with white paper. Measure the exact strip of white paper according to the candle so that it fits both portrait and width, paint the paper with scary motifs (ideally with black ink) and wrap the candle around it and seal the ends.

8) Skulls under the hatch

We don’t suppose you own a skull. If so, you have a “small home”. Otherwise, make a skull with children of moderate. In order to make you better “cook” then make several smaller versions. The hardened modurit is well painted, so you can even decorate the skulls properly worms, snakes or bloody scars. Then take a glass hatch for pastry or cheese, place the skulls in straw on a tray and cover with a glass hatch. They’ll look great – like Dr. Frankenstein.

9) An even scarier pumpkin

Hollowed out pumpkins are nice, but get them mummified sisters on Halloween! All you need is a pumpkin, a knife, and a bandage. First, pump out the pumpkin and cut it through the eyes. Then wrap it all in the white bandage until it resembles the head of a mummy. Stopwatch and eyes look nice!

10) Halloween place setting

Remember the white paper snowflakes cut out for Christmas? We can borrow the essence of the idea for Halloween and make scary blankets. Take large black paper, cut it into a square shape, and fold it in quarters, just like making flakes. Then cut out with children at will, just beware of too attractive shapes, our blanket should be scarier and resemble a spider net. Once unfolded, stick a few spiders out of the rest of the paper and the à la Addam’s Family place setting is out!