Kitchen designs 2020, women spend most of the time in the kitchen, so special care must be taken of everything inside it to send a state of joy inside, so the kitchen must be divided in a smart way to organize all the purposes inside smoothly and easily.

You are the newest pictures of modern kitchens, unique and very luxurious in the catalog of designs for kitchens 2020, in the colors and modern new shapes for the next two to design kitchens. We offer you pictures of the most beautiful kitchens for great and small residential units.

In the fashion of Kitchens, this space represents the focal point of the decor. Among the lines of fashion kitchens 2020, opened that area in the reception hall so that the people of the family gathered together.

The newest kitchen models

High-end kitchens

Technology has swept the fashion of Kitchens in 2020, providing every device with built-in technology and functionality. And when updating the old kitchen, sensors, discreet tools, and other devices can be added to accommodate the developments of the interior decoration, by providing the faucets with a sense of movement for example, which enables them to feel the hands of the consumer under them before the water flows, as well as refrigerators that can alert the owner when overseeing the products Inside it is running out.

And a machine that tracks and monitors eggs to inform the owner of the corruption of any pill, and the programmed coffee maker to prepare the coffee as soon as the user wakes up, without shutting down the luminescence layout, allowing the owner to control all the lights, from the high-end phone or tablet.

White and gray paint in cabinets

White has a distinctive color in the fashion of kitchens 2020, as many still prefer to paint their kitchen cabinets with that color, as it gives a pure exterior shape, and gives space to the narrow space. An indication that even white cabinets are used in different kitchen shapes and the grafting of the sight is liked with gray hues, which is the second option for many.

Decors and light materials

In a growing trend in the world of decoration during the past few years, the cabinets of the upper walls are turning, due to the fact that they open the acclaimed space, making the kitchen appear larger and brighter. Not to mention that most people cannot reach the destinations on the top shelves of the locker. On the other hand, it is preferable to clothe the floor with pieces of natural stone.

“Quartz” for kitchen surfaces

“Quartz” is still prevalent in kitchen decorations 2020, because it is very durable, and it can maintain its quality without end, and it is anti-microbial. Knowing that granite, the main competitor in the high-end category, requires more maintenance.

When the “quartz” material appeared at the place of buying and selling for the first time, the confusion over the absence of a diversified set of colors and finishes, and over time, thanks to technology, the manufacturers offered a wide range of colors to choose between, as it is possible even to acquire a form to imitate other materials, like natural stone.

It is worth indicating that there is a clear trend towards smoother and neutral colors of the quartz, especially gray and creamy white.

Al-Jazeera has various functions

“Al Jazeera” has become a focal point in the decorations of Kitchens 2020, as it fulfills several functions, especially storing in the built-in cupboards below, preparing food on its surface, as well as the possibility of driving around for meals. It is noticeable that the kitchen “island” extends to the living room area in the houses with open designs.

Modern kitchen decorations 2020

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms that women love to take care of and their decor because they spend most of their time. Therefore, we must rely on quiet and comfortable decor. Calm and rest of the nerves.

It is worth noting that most of the kitchens are now characterized by its narrow space, therefore some believe that it is not appropriate with modern decoration, but the designers of the kitchen took care of the small space and they designed luxurious kitchens that fit the narrow spaces that combine elegance and practical together.