Wedding hall decoration with your own hands – a lot of ideas

A wedding hall for a banquet is usually decorated by the staff of a café, restaurant or private agency. But for that, it will not be possible to decorate the room with your own hands and your taste. Prepare balls, flowers, lots of light fabric and strips, tablecloths, curtains, and accessories. Here are some key ideas and layers for decorating the wedding hall with your own hands.

Live flowers – amazing decoration: fresh, giving a festive look. One problem – quickly lose sight, melting flowers at the wedding – this is bad shape. Therefore, for wreaths, it is very possible to do artificial colors – and practical (you can use it multiple times), and cheap. Sometimes they are already sold complete garlands – it remains only to hang them. If you still want to add fresh flowers, prepare narrow vases (on tables, made with different dishes, and not much room) or large vases to decorate the room.

Festive mood, or the use of balls

Balls cost less than flowers, so you can just leave flowers on tables, and decorate the room to use balls. You do not have to weave balls of complex garlands and other characters? Pick up a few balls, successful in the color combination and hang them on bright bars. Looks good balls filled with helium. This gas is lighter than air, and the balls can be fixed not only on the ceiling but also on the backs of chairs, on tables. By the way, it is not necessary to tie them to the ceiling, just simply fasten the decorative tape, serpentine and let it go. If the ceilings are not very high, it appears only magic. If the usual balls seem trivial to you, you can make the balls out of a thread.

Balls of themes – find the design

Tools and materials:

  • PVA glue – one and a half cups;
  • Sewing thread (thick);
  • Starch – half glass;
  • Water – a quarter of a glass;
  • Vegetable oil;
  • Air balls;
  • Tarpaulin.
  • Bracket or another strap for hanging.
  1. Inflate the balls to the desired size and hang them on the threads, qualify (so that they do not stick together afterward).
  2. Combine the glue and starch with water and mix thoroughly.
  3. Loosen the rope with this compound and wind the ball in random order. Leave to dry for a day.
  4. When the glue is completely hardened, pierce the ball and remove it from the mesh.
  5. The openwork ball will keep its shape and decorate the holiday.

Colors and balls an alternative worthy of columns. Paper columns – elegant, elegant, and budget. The color and dimensions are determined by yourself but are tips for making.

Pom-Pom Paper: Step-by-step instructions

Tools and materials:

  • 8 sheets of 50 cm x 80 cm thin sheet (can be filled) – single color or matching shades;
  • Hank of strong threads (you can rope);
  • Large scissors;
  • Strong line or transparent thread.
  1. A pile of leaves is completely stacked, taking into account a mixture of colors, if the balloon is multicolored (as in the ombre pattern – two sheets of yellow paper, three – cream, the rest – orange).
  2. A pile of leaves is folded with the accordion – we are corrugated. The width of the tape is from 3 cm to 8 cm, and one long tape is obtained.
  3. Bend the workpiece in half, marking the middle, and connect the center with a strong thread.
  4. Cropped edge of an arc or triangle – depending on what shape of the boom-boom you want to get. Leaves should be held tightly so that the edge is the same.
  5. Hold to the middle, unfold the paper with a fan and straighten the folds.
  6. Carefully we separate each layer, first from one side, then from the other.
  7. Align the laces, fix them, tie the tape or serpentine.

Think about the color scheme of the hall decoration, especially if it is a themed wedding. The predominant color in the wedding is white, but can and should be combined with pastel shades of pink, blue, cream, purple. Thematic marine wedding of turquoise and orange – orange will dominate the wedding in the style of Tiffany – blue. If there is an opportunity to tie the fabric to the ceiling and it is high enough, you can build from the fabric sails.

It looks very creative decoration of the table and the bow of the groom and bride with colorful garlands. These New Year lamps favorably distinguish the wedding table from all others. However, on the walls and on the ceiling it also looks good, creating a romantic atmosphere, which can be supplemented with silent lighting and lots of candles.

The simplest homemade garlands are made from string and colored paper. The sewing machine is also useful. Cut the colored circles of paper, hearts, flowers of various sizes and tie them, sew on the typewriter with small intervals between individual fragments. From these wreaths, you can make entire compositions.

The decor of wedding tables – sitting cards

In order for guests to move around the hall quickly and find their seats on the table, a hall plan is suspended at the entrance, a special seating assistant is assigned to guests, which is guided by table numbers and name signs. It can also be decorated in a wedding style. Cards with names can be on chairs, you can link them to glass.

Wedding tables (especially for the newlyweds, and also, if multiple tables are joined in one large) draped with special skirts, which you can also make yourself. The ballet skirt looks simply gorgeous, but you don’t need to sew or glue it.

Tools and materials

  • (Or a wide elastic tape or tape of 5 cm thick fabric and a length along the perimeter of the table with an allowance of 50 cm).
  • Tulle (you can buy in cloth stores) – along the perimeter with a margin of 1 meter, width – two table heights (for an additional scent you can add a few more than a meters).
  • a pair of scissors.
  • Safety pins.
  1. Faten is cut into 10 cm wide slices and two long lengths.
  2. Tension tape (you can tie the ends to the backs of the chairs, and push them to the required distance).
  3. We fix the tape on the tape, as shown in the diagram.
  4. Likewise, we fix all the other strips.
  5. When filling the entire strip, the ends need to be fixed and grab the last strip of tulle with a needle and thread. The ends of the tape can be hung freely, if there is stock, you can tie the bow.
  6. Before the holiday, we tie the skirt along the edge of the table with pins, distributing evenly the nodules.

The decoration of the wedding hall with their own hands will be incomplete without decoration chairs. Most often they are draped with a cloth. It must be a long cloak, covering the legs, especially if the chairs are not the same or not completely new. If the chair in your wedding style looks very impressive, you can just decorate the back, fixing ribbons, pins, bows, and flowers on it. Pant usually makes great, with a long dangling end. If the wedding in you goes out and the chairs will be foldable, it is possible to be limited to ribbons with a wreath of artificial colors. Interesting are leaf hearts, bright patterns, symbols of your wedding style. Video decoration from the wedding hall with their own hands will drive interesting ideas.

Thinking about wedding design, it is important not to overdo it. The room looks best with a simple design, in one striped color (no more than three colors, along with the bride’s clothes). Cumbersome decor, an abundance of small parts can spoil the interior endlessly. High bouquets on the table should not cover the faces of guests, and balls on long strips overlap with the photographer. Hopefully, these tips will help you turn even a Nonscript premise into a fairy tale hall for the celebration.

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Modern decoration of the wedding hall with their own hands

Everyone who is about to marry and celebrate a wedding with an elegant chic, sooner or later, faces such a problem as decorating the banquet hall. To make it exclusive and original, so that it is forever shattered into memory, not so simple. Professional designer services will not be cheap, and there is no guarantee that the ideas and solutions that you suggest will really appeal to you because everyone has different tastes. In this case, you can organize the decoration of the wedding hall with your own hands, so that everything is exactly on your way, and according to modern and fashion trends you can walk, even without special training.

Beautiful and elegant room decoration, you can in it, traditional classic style, elegant and lavish banquet, and even crazy party youth can be arranged, with elements of the use of advanced technical things, in the manner of 3D images and laser lighting. Here, the choice can be limited only to one’s imagination, so do not hold yourself again.

Step by step room decoration for the wedding with their own hands: general advice and recommendations

First of all, it is necessary to pay attention to the general style of the wedding celebration, which must be strictly preserved in one concept. The hall should be ideally matched and arranged with all, without exception, items, for example, with bridal wear, guest cards, great wedding cake and so on. If the configuration in general, you will not be thoughtful enough and quietly, it is easy and easy to fall into my motley, which in any way may not be appropriate. After all, it is planned not to mate for children at all, but a serious event that will probably connect two people for their long and happy lives.

Knowing how to decorate the hall for an inexpensive wedding with your own hands, you first need to decide on the stylistic concept and correctly choose the basic and additional shades of the decor. It is important to understand that they will not necessarily coincide and may be contradictory, but they must fit, it is extremely important.

Colors in terms of fitness or explosion in the pasta factory

The importance of choosing the correct color from the primary color to decorate the wedding hall with your own hands, and stresses the image to full. And it defines the basic line only, and all the accompanying shades must necessarily be in harmony with it.

Remember, true elegance needs simplicity, moderation, and even some brevity. Bright accents are acceptable, but it is better to put them in the form of flowers Live compositions of balloons or leaf flowers, and not through a mixture of bright shades, they are not combined.

Live flowers in the design of the wedding hall: “long toys” plants

It is very important to choose the right flowers to decorate the hall, without which there is not a single celebration. However, there is one difficulty here, as the plants wither, making her appearance spoil any holiday. You need to choose only such flowers that will definitely bear the end of the evening, for example, roses, carnations, chrysanthemums, and others. True, its cost is somewhat high if you take into account the required number.

Pictures from the website:

You can use Asters or Tulips for this season, as they stand well and do not wither for a long time. Today it was fashionable to decorate the hall with flowers in pots, which are very comfortable and comfortable. So at the same time, you will get plants to the room for new homes from the freshly fresh family, and you can save even more if you agree to the lease, which is quite possible.

Fabric and light curtains, air clothing: the decoration of the wedding hall is inexpensive

Another very complicated and serious aspect of choosing decor for decorating the wedding hall is the choice of fabrics. He refused to do so only in the only case where the whole interior already had the original design, and it would not be desirable to close it. Then tables, chairs and so on will not require cloaks and tablecloths. But this is not always the case, and it is not enough what a banquet hall will cost without designing the fabric, and even more so, for such a celebration as a wedding.

It makes sense to choose tablecloths and gowns for chairs in a single color spectrum, and also to ensure that decorating them in harmony, ideally, does not coincide. If you ever wondered how to decorate the room for the wedding without using materials to save, we can limit the fabrics for the newlywed’s table until they get the focus on the occasion, and gently bring them to all eyes.

The original decoration of the hall for a wedding with their own hands: decorative pictures in different styles

Pictures from the website:

When the main issues are considered and considered, it is time to make a final decision on a common approach, and this is crucial. Excessive excess and causing luxury, and this is far from the best option, should not slip into philosophy, it does not go to anyone. When deciding how to arrange a wedding hall, it is helpful to think about this in the first place, because only in this way it is possible to organize a single and harmonious space.

The power of tradition or classicism in everything: the veil on the piano

Most of the time, no matter how much of the last century through the window, the couple prefers to stay true to the classics, therefore, traditional costumes, high-quality abundance, expensive fabric curtains, vibrant natural colors in high structures, quality and elegance in the decor.

Image from the site:

The main colors in the classic design of the wedding hall with his hands and photos can be seen best of all, are black and white, as well as noble beige, silver and gold shades, in addition to the rich red. And it does not hurt to make some bright accents, for example, in the photo area, and will give life and energy to calmness and classic greatness.

Wedding in Provence Style: Hall decoration and rustic notes

Now the Provence style is very fashionable, it is a very nice and beautiful option, which will fit the hall decoration only for the wedding celebration. Don’t confuse this original style with country or country, because these are different things. Here, the simplicity and tenderness of the Mediterranean, fresh scents of lavender, delicate pastel shades, wooden home furnishings, and important furniture.

Pictures from the site:

It makes sense to store bouquets of lavender and herbs and does not interfere with light fabrics looming fabric, pillows, and blankets, which can be very convenient to wrap legs in the evening when it is cold. It makes sense to prepare a banquet under the canopy in the summer stadium, and it will be more authentic, but it is only possible in the hot season. It is also important to give up the high cost and intelligence, and in fact, it is a good idea to do all the decorations with your own hands.

Vintage wedding decoration of the hall with your own hands: pictures of the best ideas and options

The old man has always been in fashion, however, vintage weddings are becoming more popular today, and many wish to follow these trends. The main platform is all in one style, they prefer pastel colors, warm and delicate at the end, which does not prevent the use of air lace, natural, flowing silk and delicate tulle.

Image from:

Here much depends on personal taste, for example, to gold motifs should be taken with caution, there should not be excessive, luxurious ghost, arrogance or buzz. Elegance plays a big role if you really want to decorate a wedding hall in a vintage style.

With nature in one breath: how to decorate the wedding hall with your own hands in eco-style

It is interesting that progress is more progress and science, more tools and devices appear in the hands of each of us, more person is committed to natural wildlife that seems to be able to calm and fill peace and happiness. This is why it has become fashionable to support the environment as much as possible, and the eco-style wedding will surprise and relax guests and perpetrators of the celebration.

Pictures from the site:

In the design of the hall natural materials, fabrics and textiles of the raw fabric must prevail here you will find its place. Wooden furniture and welcome decor, pottery, popular colorful decorations, vibrant wildflowers, forged items, all this will make a unique holiday so that it will be remembered for a lifetime.

Gothic Magic: How to decorate the hall for a wedding

Distribution in art and the popularization of Victorian horror stories led to the emergence of an entirely new subculture, which was to be called Gothic. Gothic and Goths have appeared for a long time, but today it has become popular to organize wedding celebrations in the Gothic style, because of something more exotic, also memorable and difficult to get out. Here it is important to note the main rules, each design must necessarily match-three basic shades – red, white and black.

Pictures from the site:

Tables are simple with white linens, you can scatter petals, chairs with detailed wrought iron headboards, a bouquet of red roses gathered in a yard free of dried herbs. Black lace, half masks for guests, tall beautiful wine glasses with red blood wine. All this should create the right atmosphere, but tie all your desires to the age of the guests, as they can be shocking, and then a vacation will simply cause rumors and rejection only. All in all, don’t be too dangerous, it is best to make the celebration a little comic, or exaggerated comedy.

Unusual and beautiful decoration of the wedding hall: photos of the best options

Pictures from the site:

Be sure to think about the details of the decor, because only a thoughtful composition can end up looking juicy, all beautiful. You need to attach importance to all kinds of little things. For example, do not forget about all areas of the hall, prepare all the details, especially if you do it yourself, without the help of real professionals.

When it comes to refreshments, it may turn out that the wedding cake simply does not fit on the guest’s table or where an honorable and comfortable nest is arranged for the newlyweds. It is worth thinking about how to pre-set a cake on a completely separate plane. A cake table can be placed on wheels, and then taken out at the right time, under the cheers of the guests.

Think of tables and chairs that need to be decorated according to the basic concept. It does not interfere with monochrome tablecloths and heads, decorated with large arches, flowers, and small sections in the form of birds or butterflies. Also, it will be necessary to reconcile the service set and wipes, all of which must be coordinated and maintained in the same style.

Image from the website:

It is also important to have postcards attached to the tables, with the names of the guests, as well as numbers that will help them know where and where they belong. In addition, if you make these items with your own hands, everyone will be happy to receive a pleasant ornament from the heart, which can be left to remember the joyful event.

Image from the site:

Please note that packages on guest tables have special requirements, which, without options, must be taken into account. The height of any flower bouquet or on the table must be either approximately twenty centimeters, or above thirty, or else it will interfere with the guests to see each other’s faces at the banquet, and this is what prevented the communication exactly.

Pictures from the site:

It is necessary to consider carefully decorating the hall in the area for the newlyweds because it must differ from the rest of the space. You need to decorate in a special way. For example, you can drape a fabric wall, hang a beautiful poster and touch or funny with happiness wishes, or take heart balloons, wedding rings, and God only knows what might come to your mind.

Pictures from the site:

Very beautiful look garlands of small lamps of the same color, in tone from the basic design of the entire room. These lamps often decorate the photo area, the bride and groom table, and a gift area, as well as a table with an exclusive wedding cake.

Image from the site:

Thus, when understanding how to design wedding rooms, it must be understood that the work will not be easy, but not very complicated. The main thing here is to participate in the process and have a great desire to do everything the way that no one else can ever. After all, the ideas originate in your original head originally, so why not express yourself and make the wedding hall, unlike any others. Dare, your vacation will be remembered by all guests for a long time, and for you, it will become something very special and unique, which happens only once in a lifetime.

Finally for you, a cool idea with the design of Tulle balls. Therefore, your room becomes more gentle and more accurate.

Decoration from the wedding hall with your own hands – step-by-step instructions on room decoration

If you are soon to decorate a wedding hall with your own hands, step by step, I think this process and preparation for the fact that occupation is not easy. However, in the presence of imagination, creative thinking, and interesting ideas, you will surely succeed in transforming the venue of the celebration into a smart, comfortable and wonderful room. Limited budget and little time – not a hindrance in creating a wedding hall from a dream that many hours of celebration will fly with joy and unforgettable.

General recommendations for decorating the room

In the preparatory phase, to decorate the wedding hall with your own hands, you need to know exactly what your celebration style will be in and where the banquet will take place. In this case, you will be able to draw more or less a realistic fee and start purchasing whatever is necessary. It is known that preparing for the holiday lasts much longer than the celebration itself. Therefore, each stage of preparation should not be boring and boring. In your ability to prepare for the wedding an exciting and interesting activity.

It was decided to decorate the wedding hall with their own hands, and prospective newlyweds It is desirable to reap support and help relatives and friends. Trusted people have to say, and it’s best to draw how you see your perfect banquet hall. The more you describe your dreams, the better you will be able to implement all your ideas.

In order to avoid any unpleasant surprises before the wedding, go to the celebration place in advance and take with you everything that you are going to use for decoration. Look at how everything looks, make detailed graphics and layouts of tables and chairs, and measure all distances. Any little thing can come in handy, and logs will be a good guide for your helpers.

The most economical in terms of money and time, but a cheerful and very bright option would be the decoration of the hall for the wedding with their own hand’s balls. Balls can capture any color, they are easy to make unusual bouquets and wreaths that can transform anywhere beyond recognition.

Both adults and children love balloons. The best way is suitable to create a romantic wedding light wedding ceremony.

It is necessary to determine in advance the color scheme, it is better if it is two primary colors. Balls can be a variety of shapes – hearts, stars, flowers, and pigeons. If hit correctly, it will help create the original festive interior. The main thing – buy quality balloons, which will not explode before the start of the celebration. Make sure the balls are the same size and make sure they are securely fastened.

Gorgeous looking helium balloon balls, rising under the ceiling in the form of interesting compositions or numbers. Tie them to a better not thread, and a mother of serpentine pearls or silk ribbons, which will hang beautiful air springs.

A dance place would be nice to decorate with a large ring of balls. The French arch can be fixed – a symbol of eternal love above the bench for the newlyweds. The French have a sign: if the newlyweds pass under this arch, then their marriage will necessarily be happy and full of love.

It is very hidden in a wedding, three-dimensional balls of theme look. They can be used in closed banquet halls and at the exiting party, and they are made very quickly and simply:

  1. Inflate the balls of the desired size.
  2. Prepare a sticky mixture of 1.5 cups of glue, half a cup of starch and a quarter cup of water.
  3. Take the thread, immerse it in a sticky mixture, and tightly wrap the ball around the entire surface.
  4. Allow the product to dry for 24 hours, then puncture and remove the ball.

You can hang such balls to the ceiling or make interesting compositions for tables, and add them with flowers and candles. And if you hang huge balls on the garland of bright (unheated) light bulbs or only on chandeliers and under the roof, you will get an incredibly romantic and warm atmosphere.

Hall decorating ideas with paper decor

If there is still a lot of time to celebrate, you can start making unusual papercrafts. These decorations are very creative and common. For example, the garlands are very popular. Chairs, tablecloths can be decorated with guest tables and banquet hall walls.

The popular lush pom-poms paper is popular, as it makes it possible to give an astonishing effect even in the lowest room. Small ribs can be fixed on sticks and decorated with sweets.

For decoration, different origami numbers are also used: lanterns, cranes, flowers, and flags. It looks very nice, but you will need a lot of helpers to make it.

You can decorate tables with your kids and common photos or make them a colorful collage. It will create a warm family atmosphere, and your relatives and friends may be interested in reviewing it.

To decorate the wedding hall with their hands often use a variety of stickers. You can already buy ready or make it yourself.

Banquet hall decoration with a piece of cloth

The fabric of beautiful fabric, artfully wrapped or falling free waves, can quickly betray the luxurious wedding hall and its own sophistication. It is enough to store with the necessary amount of glossy or transparent fabric suitable for color, fix it to the walls, tables, and chairs, and hang part of the canopy under the ceiling.

The contrast of tablecloths and napkins will look very profitable, especially if the napkins are combined with brackets on chairs. Preference is given to textile products: they look more carefully.

Additional unusual extensions

There are many interesting options for decorating the banquet hall for the wedding with your own hands, and the choice is limited only by your taste preferences. For example, you can use:

  • Botanical combinations of fresh flowers.
  • Soft toys;
  • Lace or crochet decoration elements;
  • Candles or glowing garlands;
  • Edible ornaments and sculptures.

Your main task is to be able to capture all the decor elements in one style and put them beautifully in the wedding hall to create a harmonious overall picture. Don’t be afraid to experiment, perhaps the interior is a talented décor!

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