Maintenance of leather sofa

A leather sofa is one of the most expensive types of the sofa on the market that gives a special beauty to the environment. Failure to pay proper attention when using this type of sofa will ultimately reduce the life span of the furniture. In addition, it changes the appearance of the sofa and removes its original beauty. The most important things to keep in a leather sofa include:

Waxing leather sofa

No matter whether you are using leather clothing or choosing this type of home furniture, you should always include regular waxing. One of the most important principles of keeping a leather sofa is to vaccinate it with special waxes.

After washing and dusting the leather sofa, it is best to use special waxes as well as gloss sprays. Waxing the leather sofa will prevent the sofa from drying out and leaving, thus prolonging their life span.

Dusty leather sofa

Other items on the list of important factors in maintaining a comfortable leather sofa are regular dusting. Since leather cladding is extremely waterproof, it is best to dust all parts with laminate. We recommend not neglecting the corners of the sofa as they soon become a place for dust accumulation.

White leather sofa stain

Leather sofas come in a variety of colors, and white leather has its own fans. Keeping the white leather sofa a little hard and you have to be careful about the stains on it. After making a stain on this type of sofa, it is best to clean it with a water solution and detergent.

Other important things to keep your leather sofa comfortable are to keep it away from the flame and fireplace. Leather furniture transforms with prolonged exposure to heat and light. Drying the leather cover and causing cracks and tears are among the effects of the leather cushion against heat.


Maintenance of fabric sofa

As mentioned in the Rubleys Textile Guide, the fabrics used in the furniture manufacturing industry are very diverse. Each of these fabrics has a certain level of resistance and is different in stain and others. In general, to keep a fabric sofa in place you need to consider a few things:

Use proper detergents

The fabrics used in the furniture are different and each fabric needs a special wash. Try asking the seller about their laminate when buying comfortable furniture. Keep in mind that maintaining a velvet sofa may require detergents that are not suitable for Maserati fabrics. Not paying attention to the type of detergent causes the color of the fabric to disappear or the stains on them to become more dull.

A very important issue we face in maintaining a comfortable sofa and leather is the removal of gum stains. Removing the chewing gum stain from the sofa is not a difficult task and simply place a piece of ice on it and then shave it with a not too sharp knife. Finally, dry the stain with a suitable cloth so that moisture does not penetrate into the sofa.

Wash fabric sofa

In many cases, for various reasons, you may want to wash a sofa. In this case, you can hand it over to the furniture cleaning professionals or do it yourself. You can clean the furniture cover by using steam. One of the most important principles in maintaining a comfortable sofa is to avoid using too much steam with steam, as moisture may cause the sofa to change.

In addition to the steam, you can clean the surface of the sofa with a piece of sponge and shampoo. Be careful, however, that the sponge should not be too wet and avoid penetration of the floor and moisture into the sofa.

Fabric sofa cushion

Dust is an integral part of life and has a profound effect on the appearance of home appliances. Try to regularly clean the sofa with a vacuum cleaner. The use of small vacuum cleaner brushes will absorb dust with high suction.

Proper use of the sofa

Maintenance of the sofa does not only mean that it is regularly cleaned and cleaned but also how the sofa is used has a great impact on maintaining its original appearance and quality. As the sofa is used more frequently than other types of the sofa during the day, it needs more care. Avoid sitting on the sofa bed and its handles. Jumping up and down on the couch and sleeping on it is one of the favorite children’s games that will ruin the appearance of the couch very soon.

Correct sofa shift

Because the furniture is heavy, so many women prefer to slip it on the floor to make the necessary shifts. This will damage the base of the sofa and put a lot of pressure on the handle. Other important things in taking care of the sofa are avoiding dragging and pushing them on the ground. It is best to remove the sofa to move it from the ground to avoid pressure.

Here you are familiar with the basics of maintaining a leather sofa and other types of sofa. Knowing these tricks can often cause you to get rid of stains and dirt on the sofa in a short period of time and have a beautiful looking furniture. Stay tuned with Deco News Design Magazine to learn the basics of home decoration, baby room decoration design and anything that helps to make your surroundings more beautiful.