Called the Arctic Room The space under the roof can be used for residential. Not everyone knows about its benefits, so in most cases, they are used to keep things old and unnecessary.

Cottage, villa or any country house can get a new functionality if you use the Arctic properly.

The available space can be customized with the living room with various functions. But for this, it is necessary to take into account all the structural features of the roof, the size of the room and other factors.

Why create an art design project?

The design project takes into account all the concepts of the homeowner and their coordination with the actual circumstances of the premises.

It is based on the dimensions taken and allows you to choose the right color and adjust the furniture and decorations.

That is, in a nutshell, the role of the design project is in the context of the link customer’s wishes, the design style from the designer and how it can be applied.

A design project may lead to forsaking the money you save on such things adversely consequences:

  1. The geometric dimensions of the room are not taken into account, and as a result, it can get narrow and disorganized. In this case, you can discard some furniture, but later the match will collapse and the functionality will be lost;
  2. Selecting Color Scheme When Preparing a Project The main objective is varied depending on the number of light sources and the area of ​​the windows. If this is not observed, the perception of the place where it will change will create a completely different mood due to the color.
  3. The drawbacks are roof structures that may attract immediate attention and damage the overall impression of the design.
  4. The location of the doors and windows may violate the functionality and practicality of the interior.

Where to order a design project and what is its cost?

All the nuances are considered by a professional so you need to contact a design bureau or design office to create a suitable project. All they can do is make room dimensions based on them to create an original design project.

The cost of each case will be different because the size of the job depends on everything. Minimal order includes expressing a general design concept without specifying sketch dimensions and detailed descriptions.

Based on the homeowner concept, the project adapts to specific conditions in terms of a specialist’s recommendations and preferences.

The second version of the project is detailed, which includes full project documentation, ways to communicate, a list of required construction materials, and cost estimation. That is, only apply it to the left.

The cost of such a project would cost at least 2 thousand rubles/ m2, and it would take more than two weeks to create a design project. Do it yourself. Therefore,   it is better not to take the necessary knowledge opportunities in the absence.

What room to make from the arctic floor

The Arctic is universal so there are practically no restrictions on the choice of its operational purpose.

For example, the attic can be located at:

  1. A passionate and romantic character who likes to look at the starry sky for room kids ;
  2. For comfortable working with cabinet documents;
  3. The Library is an   exciting book for \ u200c cases and a place for reading \ u200c;
  4. A person who enjoys spending time together or actively relaxing, playing table tennis, billiard on furniture furnished with a family living room fireplace;
  5. Housewives can enjoy cooking while simultaneously contemplating the scenery outside the kitchen and home window;
  6. Bathhouse With a steam room and a washing room, this will allow you to relax after workdays.

Bedroom design

The pastel interior uses small inclusions in the general gamut of vibrant and bright green shades of green and blue to give it less.

It can be small accents in the form of ornaments or patterns with simple lines and geometric shapes or arrangements of furniture with real colors.

Advice! The colors of the interior should be one or more different from each other so the halftone will not create the effect of a boring boring space. However, no one should forget about the need to ensure a calm and serene atmosphere so they are not flashing or filled with intricate patterns.

Two benefits   include a bedroom byproducts equipment:

  • The possibility of privacy;
  • Tranquil atmosphere;
  • Great space.

Disadvantages It is considered necessary to go downstairs to enter other rooms, which is not always an acceptable option for the elderly.

Lovers sleep in the daytime and sunlight can be overwhelming. Do not underestimate the sound from the rain, such as rain or hail, which can cause drumming on the roofing material and cause some disturbance.

Of course, these problems can easily be excluded but will require additional windows by installing an elevator installed by audio \ u200c The pushing material costs.

Kids room design

It is important to note that you will need an interior that integrates the nursery of the artwork to set up: at least three working spaces: bedroom, study, and playground.

The design is based on age, gender and child, and his or her preferences and desires, but rationally. At the same time, you should complete the rich in bright colors, and this will affect the development of his mind.

Light tones of green, orange, yellow or blue will allow you to customize the child’s activities in a specific way. This means that the death penalty is required. Zoning includes a bedroom, a playground, and a study area.

Benefits Attic Nursery is as follows:

  • Parents at the time of the arrival of active games or guests where children do not interfere ;
  • A room in the spacious house that can get the most sparkle ;
  • The telescope can freely study starry skies during installation ;
  • The chances of creating two separate nurseries are for a boy and girl with a common play and training area.

The shortcomings can be identified between :

  •   A child from the stairs during possible fall active games;
  • Complexity observations for the child’s actions.

Arctic Kitchen

Culinary lovers appreciate the setting of the kitchen. The colors for the interior decoration are chosen very differently, but the focus is on light colors.

They love to cook, eat and have a good mood. Land Outside the Window \ u200c \ u200c Cape Allows Create   Culinary Masterpieces.

To give contrast to your surroundings, use Ac \ u200c Sents in Ideal Places: Choose the lower part of the furniture with darker shades and hanging cabinets with light or bright shades. If you want a more concise interior, you can restrict yourself to the installation of the contrasting original look tab \ u200c letters and chairs.

When it comes to cooking, there are a lot of organisms and odors. Therefore, the first thing you need to worry about installing is reliable ventilation systems, and use moisturizing materials that are easy to wash when decorating the walls.

Two Benefits Arctic Cuisine includes:

  • The lack of smell of cooking in the living room;
  • The room is hidden from the eyes of the guests;
  • Large space for placing all necessary furniture and kitchen appliances.

The drawback is that it is difficult to summarize what is needed to communicate to the   Arctic floor.

Arctic styles and finishes

The use of decorative materials mainly depends on the design style. Each one has its own idea and the writer should care for it even in the smallest details. Therefore, the choice of materials must be entirely meaningful.

It is important to note that the design can be applied to the attic because it will look wider and unnatural. In addition, the design has already been created for the rest of the house, so you need to create a harmonious transition between floors, avoiding extreme conflicts.

The most common styles are considered for attic decoration:

  1. Classic Translated from the Latin, it means to sample, standard and suitable. Such interiors do not go out of fashion, they are always relevant. This style requires a lot of free space. The main colors are warm natural tones. The style has different geometric shapes. Materials are natural or imitate nature.
  2. Country This is a rural style, meaning “village” even when translated from English. The key direction is to create a home interior in a rural spirit, the concept of an environmentally friendly heart home.
  3. Modern Translated from the French, “Modern.” The style includes muted colors, flowing lines, natural materials, stain glass, floral and other patterns, stain glass and dim lighting.

Country style for the design of the Arctic requires the use of natural wood or its imitation to preserve the identity of a private home.

The room is elegant and aesthetically pleasing, as well as easy to blend with other modern and classic styles. This is because the natural wood color has pastel neutral tones so there is no contradiction between the directions of the design.

This is ideal when creating a kitchen in a classic style attic. Due to the minimal number of interior items and the laconic design, a calm and relaxed atmosphere is created.

The Art Nova style will also look aesthetically pleasing in design. It is primarily focused on creating a beautiful and functional environment, so it welcomes asymmetrical designs, original decorative patterns, and flowing lines in interior decoration.

Therefore, ceilings and good for painting Drive \ u200c Wall Sheets can be selected for drawing the decorative plaster. The walls were covered with plastic panels.

In the triangular roof structure as the finishing material for the ceiling, MDF panels with carving patterns and gilding, lining or solid wood are recommended.

Then you need to design the walls of the drive \ u200c wall for a four-pitch roof, plastering, painting or wallpaper.

Arctic lighting

The integrated system should be organized for quality lighting in the attic, which will provide high-quality general and local lighting.

Especially relevant is the zoning location and the need to perform certain tasks that increase eye strain.

Because there is room, non-standard dimensions and shapes should focus on illuminating all angles and avoiding the appearance of shadows. To decorate a room using decorative materials, they recommended setting up a separate backlight, can usefully identify them on the main background.

Designers advise:

  • If there is not enough space in the article, you need to use visual effects that will improve her perception.
  • The spacious room will allow you to feel the right arrangement of light sources and the use of different contrast combinations. However, you should not use \ u200c to apply several effects \ u200c at the same time, as a comment is made about bad taste and misleading styles.
  • It is advisable to divide into functional zones using a wide arc.   Visual emphasis is to place upholstered large furniture or small decorative partitions. It is best to use lighting.   It allows you to create different atmospheres and moods and change the color perception of the room.
  • Embedded solutions are good for refusing or choosing to install bulk items. Due to the structure of the roof, in most cases, they cannot be placed against the wall. The option of placing furniture in the center of the room will create unwanted accents.
  • Using the Arctic as a living space Rationally uses the entire available area of ​​the home. Depending on the purpose of the room, you should choose the right colors for the decoration according to a certain design direction.

Following these tips will allow you to achieve the comfort room, and the desire to be in it.

You can see more useful tips for the Arctic setting Video:

Many of us use our country houses or huts as a warehouse, but for some, they are completely empty. Just because, this space can easily be turned into a comfortable and functional room where you can set up an extra living room, for example, a living room or bedroom, or a new room like a movie theater or office.

It doesn’t matter whether you own a large or small area – with a rational approach and a clever design, the Arctic Rooms can serve as a lucrative investment.

How to make a living room from the attic

There are many options for using the Arctic, but whether it is a bedroom, a gym, or an entire apartment, first of all, you need to renovate the attic into a living room. To do this, you need to:

  • Installation and insulation of the roof, as well as the cavity walls. These works include forced water and vapor barrier, and the right setting can provide a comfortable microclimate in the living room.
  • Install special skylights, providing good insulation and room ventilation.
  • Conducts necessary communications including wiring.

In addition, you must be careful in selecting and installing the Arctic steps.

Arctic Room Design

When the preparatory work is completed, you can start designing the Arctic Room. Today, there are many programs for designing the premises, but you can also create a project in the old fashioned way and design it into a future interior paper.

Typically, the attic walls have a broken shape, the room itself is rarely spacious, and when designing a living room in the attic, the photo below, you should take this into consideration, and carefully consider the location of the furniture and other interior elements.

Corner furniture fits perfectly into the interior of a residential art

Tip: If the dimensions of the residential arctic floor are small, it is best to order or make your own handmade furniture so the usable area is used as rationally as possible.

When the planning is complete, you can begin the decor and the solution of the question directly: How to enter the Arctic Room?

The Arctic Room

Generally, when there are enough living rooms in a home, there are often problems with work and privacy. Many people need their own office, and its arrangement in the attic can be beneficial because this room is the most isolated from the residential area and the quiet atmosphere is beneficial in the work process.

How to enter an Arctic Room

It is best to use lighter colors in interior design, which will not only distract from work but also allow you to visually expand the room.

Elements from natural wood will look good on the interior of the cabinet. This could be like classic style wood panels, a large floorboard or wall paneling with individual elements such as ceiling beams, columns and bookshelves.

For flooring, it is best to use sound-absorbing materials such as carpet or cork. You can put a carpet on the floor, which not only moves the stairs but also serves as a stunning element of decoration.

Living Arctic Room with Library

It is best to choose furniture for a cabinet that is not sized enough to not increase the load on the floors and not load the space. The book \ u200c is ideal for using built-in furniture, including shelves and cupboards, that can be placed on the entire height of the floor along with the gable – so the cabinet will own its own library. Additionally, you should have a well-placed desktop and sofa or a pair of comfortable chairs under the windows.

If the walls are at the same time the slopes of the roof, it is best to place the furniture in this case, and leave the center of the room free of charge so that you can safely reach the full height.

Ideal for Living Arctic Room Study

Office lighting is also worth paying attention to, and it is best to make it multi-level: the light at the top, the brightness of the workplace, the library and the entertainment area. With the help of Blaine \ u200c or Roller \ u200c Blaine \ u200c, natural lighting is easy to control, however, depending on the type of Vin \ u200c Dose and the Interior \ u200c style, these can be either classic curtains or \ u200c their absence.

Arctic Kitchen

Depending on the area of ​​the arctic floor, you can set up the kitchen and kitchen-dining room as in the photo below, but extra ventilation during design is essential, and all work on waterproofing and steam blocking must be done with great care. The furniture for such a kitchen is built to order – built-in or modular – which helps to manage the space rationally.

Residential art can serve as a kitchen

This technique also uses built-in – so there will be more options for its configuration.

Tip: If the family has older or younger children, the attic kitchen is not the best option because frequent climbing and descending stairs can be uncomfortable.

Arctic Launch

The photo below shows that you do not need a large accommodation for comfortable leisure. When you want \ u200c tal \ u200c to make your living room unique \ u200c r \ u200c tic living room is a great option because the exceptional shape of the walls will already give you the \ u200c for an interior \ u200c decoration.

Do it yourself and you can make the residential Arctic with your own hands

It is advisable to design such a living room in the style of country or Provence, high-tech or minimalism, as it is advisable to use space-saving built-in racks to store books and other decorative elements in such cases. If you wish, you can even install a fireplace, which gives the living room a unique charm.

Residential Arctic Studio

Tip: If you think of the interior of an Arctic apartment, it is best to stay in the studio type, combining the living room kitchen, dining room, and bedroom. Each zone can be played in different colors, retaining the general style and installing decorative partitions or screens if needed.

Arctic Launch

Living in such a room is twice as comfortable

Thanks to the exceptional shape and quality lay. Moreover, it can be a classic Relax \ u200c seating room and an attractive library. If you put in a little effort and imagination, you can set up your own mini-movie by installing a wide TV or screen with a projector with pediment. In this case, you should consider installing blackout curtains on windows.

Making a film on residential Arctic floor is not that difficult

Tip: Materials used for arctic floor insulation and insulation create a nice numbing stick effect in the room.

Arctic Billiard Room

Another solution that does not have the quality of decorating a room. You should immediately say that the classic billiard table is heavy, so if you don’t believe in the increased capacity of the floors, it’s best to make your choice in favor of the best com \ u200c pact “home” models installed in the center of the room. Lighting must be installed above the table, and at the corners, you can set the bar area and the space for a comfortable rest.

Billiard room in the Arctic Room

These are not all options for using the residential Arctic, the photo below. Here you can build a full-length bath complex, where you can have a bathroom or shower, besides bath or sauna.

Arctic bathroom

It can be a comfortable bedroom, games room or home workshop. In addition, if the size permits, you can always split the Arctic into several rooms and set them up in different-purpose residential premises.

Arctic living room design example: walkways under the highest ceiling sections

In the mid-17th century, a young architect, the Frenchman Francois Mansart, had the idea of ​​turning the Arctic interior to use it for residential purposes. The idea went with a shock, and the Arctic got its official pseudonym – Arctic. True, at the beginning of the career, the Arctic was used as a servant’s dwelling.

Arctic floor today

In the modern realities of life, any dwelling is invaluable and will be fully utilized. If you approach \ u200c design properly \ u200c, the interior of the Arctic \ u200c design \ u200c can transform these rooms into a standard of style and family comfort. In the process of determining the future goals of the Arctic space, it is desirable to maintain a natural balance: the living room kitchen, the workplace bedroom, and the cozy bedroom nursery.

  The living room of the “seventh heaven.”

What is important for the living room? To make guests feel comfortable, their room should be spacious and representative. A careful study of Arctic design can turn a small room into a comfortable guest room.