Easy and Economical Home Decorating Tips

You have signed the contract for your new rental property or owner-occupied property … then you are waiting for the key! In the meantime, you can get started with decorating your house. But how do you determine your own style? And which colors and materials do you feel comfortable with? The home stylists from ‘so in your own house’ made the ultimate checklist for you!

With the help of these simple living tips and tricks you create your own dream house:

Tip 1: Search for inspiration

Look for home inspiration and interior design ideas for decorating your new home. Visit home furnishings stores, browse through home warehouses. You can also find the refreshing living blogs and living magazines online with the nicest living ideas, interior tips, home shop addresses, and inspiring articles!

Tip 2: Make a mood board

Do you already have fun ‘living ideas’ in mind? Collect your most beautiful colors, accessories, and furniture, and make a mood board or home college. That is, of course, possible with some old-fashioned cutting and pasting, but it is even easier to create an online mood board! Pinterest is the perfect app for that.
Save all your favorite images and create your own, ultimate living style ūüėČ

Tip 3: Make a layout

Which room will you use for what? Take a critical look at the rooms and, based on the building plan or floor plan, make a rough layout. And: dare! What happens if you remove or move that wall in the living room? Can extra space be created somewhere, for example by placing an extension, dormer window or veranda? Now it is still possible! Once you have moved in, you will no longer change your living space so quickly.

Are you going to renovate soon or will you redecorate your living room? Ask one of our home stylists for free interior advice or register quickly for a workshop. Do we bet you will walk out the door full of inspiration and new ideas?

Tip 4: Determine your color palette

Color is very important for your interior. Do you go for pastel shades? Or do you prefer bright colors? Whatever you choose, go for the colors that make you feel comfortable. If you keep the base quiet, you can unpack a bit more with eye-catching accessories. If you choose a colorful mix of colors, it is important that the colors match well.

Are you not sure yet? Put together your own color palette with the ColorSchemer app or use the color tool to see if your furniture matches the chosen colors!

Or you keep the base, your window frames, doors, walls and ceilings, just nice and white. White provides tranquility, combines with all (style) furniture and is timeless. And: a room that is white also seems larger!

Tip 5: Choose your living style

A new house is a perfect opportunity to choose a new living style. Do you opt for a robust look with a tough industrial interior? Or do you prefer a natural, rural design?

Whatever style you choose: stay with yourself! Go for a personal interior where you feel at home!

Pssst‚Ķ! Do you need help in determining the right atmosphere and appearance? Consider hiring a professional. From design to execution; if you want, they take everything off your hands. So … don’t you like sanding? Do you find it difficult to decorate? Outsource (a number of things) and you can do something else. Home accessories shopping for example … ūüėČ

Tip 6: Start with the basics

First determine your basis and materials (floors, wall finishes, window coverings, and furniture) based on your budget and then choose the colors. Use the same floor as much as the possible per floor, which ensures peace and creates space.

Tip 7: Keep your device practical

Think carefully about who will use your living space. Do you have pets? Instead of using floor coverings, opt for a scratch-free floor such as (concrete-look) Marmoleum. Do you have small children? Choose a floor that is easy to keep clean and stain-proof.

For example, combine that with a rug where the kids can play and you have a wonderful, practical and atmospheric family room!

Tip 8: Make a light plan

Lighting. It is usually not the first thing you think of when setting up your new home, but it is extremely important! First, find out where the connection points and sockets are. Then make a light plan by determining per location which type of light is needed.

First choose the basic lighting, the lamps with which you can fully illuminate the room. Then look at what you want to do in that space: do you want to be able to read? Relaxing? Where are you going to eat? You place functional lighting there, such as a dining room lamp, reading lamp or (dimmable) spots.

Do you still have special objects such as art and beautiful plants? Consider relieving it. By choosing the right light in the right place, you create a beautiful light show!

Tip 9: Visualize with a 3D interior design

There are various websites on the internet where you can design your interior in 3D with thousands of images of the furniture, wall coverings, and accessories. This way you can see exactly whether your beautiful flea furniture matches the cool wallpaper you have chosen.

Do you find that too much hassle? Ask a good interior stylist to do it for you. Pay a visit to one of our styling consultants for a 3D interior design, including customized color and interior advice!

Tip 10: Wait with home decoration

Once your house is ready, you can of course not wait to go shopping! Plaids, pillows, table decorations, candles, photo frames, plants, and flower pots … delicious! The danger is that you buy too much in one style (and therefore create a trend-sensitive interior), but also that you buy things that you will have had enough of after a while.

So: are you going to furnish your house or living room? Take your time. Do not buy everything at once and combine old with new. In this way, you gradually discover what suits you and space best. This way you create your own interior style that matches your character!

Do you still have interior advice or useful tips and ideas for your house? Let us know!