buying furniture is not an easy task, what parts to buy and what style to choose, as well as the sex, design, and color of the fabric, and more importantly where to buy the furniture! All of these are pre-purchase problems that we will deal with this article.

There are many things to consider before buying furniture.

  • Examine the style of home decoration
  • Furniture style selection
  • Select the type and sex of the sofa rack
  • Choose your favorite sofa in the style you have chosen
  • Check the dimensions and height of the furniture before buying
  • Choose the type of wood color (cover or natural) and the wood itself
  • Select the gender and color of the fabric
  • Furniture store selection (for quality and after-sales service)

It’s not just about the layout of the living room or the bedroom, you have to enjoy the home you live in and feel good! This will change your taste in furniture selection.

Where to start?

Ask any interior designer to tell you that you have to spend a lot of time thinking and researching.

First, check for floor and wall items

Your furniture fills the spaces and walls that lead to the floor of the home. In general, the eye moves from one side or one dimension to the next, and every part of your home furniture must have a middle and complementary relationship with the floor and walls.

Follow a specific flow from the floor to the color, style, and type of decoration and see what is missing in this regard. The point of buying this is to buy furniture, so let’s focus on that! Each piece of furniture should match the walls and the wall-to-wall design with the chandeliers hanging on the ceiling and tooling.

Do not forget this harmonious flow between all components with the floor of the rooms, the harmonious flow from floor to walls to the ceiling should continue without interruption. It’s a mix of chandelier-and-wall-to-wall furniture to a variety of decorations and carpets and stone flooring.

Custom sofa design

To fill in the gaps in the decoration, using a proprietary design sofa is great, but the cost of custom designing and furniture making may be high, but it will also be much more time consuming to design and build furniture.

But if you use standard decoration in your home, whether it is classic or modern decoration and you have met all the standards of these styles, you can count on choosing the right furniture with a consistent style, a suitable sofa And buy great.

Of course, there is a need for decorators and interior designers. Someone familiar with stylistics and colors.

Use color for decoration integrity

With the right set of choices, you can have a spectacular color palette. When buying furniture, make sure that the colors of the pub and the fabric are in line with other components.

The rule of blending colors in a home is nothing but the color trajectory of the components that you have to start from and follow along a line and the components must complement each other in the order in which they are located.

Don’t miss the neutral colors! The best way to keep your eyes tired is to use neutral colors, which can help you use different tones of vibrant colors without tiring the viewer.

Spend creativity and create the right color combinations for different home areas, but don’t forget the basic color and theme of the home.

When using colors, keep in mind how the weather in that part of the house is. For example, the local kitchen can be warm and exciting, so it’s best to use warm colors in the kitchen.

The bedroom can be seen in two forms, a place for relaxation, as well as a bed and a lounge with elements of love and excitement. See what you want to do! Warm colors for love or soft and soothing colors for the bedroom. This can vary with the age and mood of the person.

The aspect ratio in furniture selection with other decoration components

Checking the aspect ratio of the room, the decoration elements in the room with the number and size of furniture pieces is one of the most important things to consider before buying furniture.

You have to visualize what space your furniture occupies, how the focal point of the decoration in your room or living room is, as well as the direction of movement in that room. Is it as difficult as the furniture you are considering?

Always trust the first ideas, but in small and medium spaces, it should be the size of all furniture components so that it does not occupy more than 2% of floor space. Of course, this is an approximate number depending on the experience of the decorators as well as the users, and things such as the height of the ceiling and the multitude of decorative elements (except the sofa) affect this approximate number.

The choice of furniture height is very important

Most people are mindful of the choice and purchase of furniture over the width and depth of furniture and forget that the height of the furniture also has a great effect on the beauty of the rooms and the harmony between the components.

Low-rise rooms provide a small, quasi-modern space that should be taken into account to make the right choice when buying furniture. Whatever the size of today’s houses, they usually have a low ceiling height and it is wise to consider reasonable height sofas even if you have chosen a classic furniture style.

Think of the combination furniture

Spend a little time and with a good selection, you can choose from a mix of modern furniture and classic furniture. For example, if you want to buy a set or a whole set of classic sofa, you can also think of two modern sofas with modern color and fabric in the corners of your living room or living room. Use, however, as long as it is consistent with the style and decoration of your room and all its components.

Select the type and sex of the sofa rack

The type and type of wood before buying furniture are two more reasons. The first is the humidity of the air and the second is the cost of the wood.

Specifically, we are talking about buying the furniture inside Iran, and the first option, namely air humidity, can cause decay, the wind blows or splashing through the wood.

Georgian beech wood is one of the best options for making classic furniture and of course it is more expensive than other woods and of high quality but not the same quality wood in the northern cities of the country or southern cities were humid and humid weather. Are using. Commonly used woods in Iran are Iranian or Georgian beech wood, walnut wood, oak wood, Russian russet wood and some other woods that are very different in price.

  • Fir is cheaper than others but is a great option for wet areas.
  • Wood Beech has a lower price than the option of Georgia itself and its quality, but nodes in the complex will be a tough cutting.
  • Georgian beech wood is not suitable for humid weather but very nice knots, more diameter in the timber and a certain uniformity in the texture of wood that creates a beautiful output.
  • The biggest characteristic of walnut wood is the hardness of the wood as well as its beautiful knots. The price of this wood is high and because of the hardness in the wood texture is not favorite carpenters.
  • Oak is a bit more expensive than the rest and is similar in walnut to wood, and is not considered by manufacturers because of its hardness and price.

One important thing, do not rush!

Buying furniture is not an easy task and the furniture should fit the room. The most important thing to buying furniture is to fit the size of the room, and when you lay it out your sofa should not be smaller or larger than needed. Take comfort in the furniture, otherwise, the chair or sofa you buy may be tougher and more annoying than the subway chairs.

Furniture is not a commodity to be bought online and you can only show your favorite models online and check them out in person. And even in the luxury furniture category, you have the right to ask the seller to bring your chosen sofa to your home.

If you find it difficult to choose furniture, give yourself a little time to get bored and start bored again. Luxury furniture is a commodity with high price and longevity and there should be no mistake in choosing it.

Select and buy furniture cushions

Unfortunately, some people are not careful about buying furniture for cushions and consider it a low-key item. While the furniture cushion has a great effect on both comfort and beauty.

  • Matching the color and texture of the fabric as well as the overall shape of the cushion is important first and foremost and this is a matter of taste and we are sure that those interested in classic furniture will have this in mind.
  • The second point is the number and shape of the cushion which should be in accordance with the style of the furniture.
  • Make sure that the cushions are well made, with neat corners and curves, buttons and sewing, and seamless seams.
  • A good cushion usually has two or three layers of fabric and the outer layer is closed by a zipper so that the outer covering can be easily washed.
  • The best fillers for a good full cushion as well as viscose are to be protected by one or two layers of linen fabric to prevent leakage of the interior.

Where to buy furniture?

When it comes to buying furniture it depends on whether we are talking about Tehran furniture markets or other cities and of course there is more variety in Tehran.

The biggest Tehran furniture markets are:

  • Jarrod and Camel sofa market center more than 5 years old
  • A set of sofa market passages found in Abad
  • Delavan Furniture Market in East Tehran
  • Collection of workshops in Chahar Dhanegh and Valiasr

In summary, if you want to talk about these markets, Jajroud Sofa Market is one of the oldest furniture producing and supplying sites in northeast of Tehran, which operates mostly in luxury and classic furniture and because of the cheap places Businesses as well as rentals, the final price of furniture in this market are very reasonable and quality sofas are offered to the customer and the Iranian furniture industry leaders are also present in this area.

Dadaab Abad Complex is comprised of about 5 small and large furniture providers in several passages located in the southwest of Tehran in Dadaabad neighborhood and has found luxury classical furniture dealers in Iranian furniture markets No. 1, 2 and 3 as well as the Persian Gulf Passage. Abad and several other passages are located on the main street, which, of course, is too expensive for the furniture itself, due to the staggering price of the shop, as well as the rental of these passages.

Delavan Furniture Market in East Tehran area (Tehranpars and Narmak area) consists of shops located on the main street and in all categories of classic furniture, furniture makers and wood sleeping furniture as well as injectable materials and of course modern furniture manufacturers. Are. In this neighborhood, orderly bridal sofa retailers are very diverse and some of the major manufacturers are also present.

The workshops and retailers of the Valiasr and Chaharandegh neighborhoods southwest of Tehran, lower than Naderabad, mainly operate as low-cost sofas, and the price of a full-service furniture was even less than 2 million tomans, though the level of expectation was The quality of the output of these workshops should be within the same price range and no warranty or guarantee is provided to the customer.

Sellers lights off furniture

Of course, there are other unnamed vendors in areas such as Valiasr Street, Fereshteh Street, Andarzgoo and some other areas north of Tehran that generally do not attend exhibitions or exhibitions, nor can advertisements be found from these vendors. And galleries are so-called lanterns that sell their products as imported European sofas at the price of the dollar or euro, and sometimes a single sofa is priced at between $ 1 and $ 2 million, depending on its specific customers. And whether or not these sofas are really Iranian or imported because of the out of the question b Dan, do not pay it.

Pay attention to the warranty when buying furniture

Before finalizing the purchase of furniture, be sure to buy from a reputable store, manufacturer, factory or gallery, and depending on the choice you have, you can expect warranty and after-sales service. Say sell your furniture.

  1. Insert the type of material used in the invoice
  2. Insert warranty period and exact terms of use on the warranty or invoice form
  3. Removals and installation of furniture on site
  4. Possible conditions of material inconsistency used